I stumbled across Jennifer Lashbrook's booth yesterday at a Savannah Arts and Crafts show along the river, and came across the most aesthetic images created with the most eccentric medium. Using paint swatches from stores like Home Depot and Lowes, Lashbrook regenerated classic paintings and produced some of her own by simply cutting the swatches and piecing them together to form a glorified collage-turned-masterpiece.

Call it the use of second-hand paint, but Lashbrook’s intricate pieces are a really cool use of unconventional materials. The fact that she doesn’t hide the color’s name and logo on some of the swatches applied to the canvas upholds the integrity of her chosen medium and the modernity of the artwork. Lashbrook can also recreate your own pictures or portraits into swatch art!

Here are some of the pieces from her gallery:

“DIY American Gothic” – 2012

“MinusOneMinusWon” – 2012

“DIY Mona Lisa” – 2003

“Samantha” – 2012

“Self Portrait: Purple Silhouette” – 2013

Some of Lashbrook’s pieces are pixelated collages, such as this self-portrait. At her booth, she explained that when you look at these certain images through a phone’s camera, the phone’s camera fixes the pixilation. When I looked at it through my iPhone, the features were really defined, and it looked like a whole new image. It is more effective in person, but try it with this image on your computer screen to get a taste of what I mean.

Check out more of Jennifer Lashbrook’s work here.

What do you think of Jennifer Lashbrook’s swatch art, Lovelies?

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