Okay, let's all just pretend for a second that time and skill have nothing to do with this post. As much as I enjoy just a simple pop of color on my nails, I just wish that I could transform my fingertips into time works of art easily and efficiently. Unfortunately, always being strapped for time, constantly using my hands and refusing to be one of those girls that whiningly asks her peers to open things for her has limited me a bit in the world of nail art. 

Here are some designs that I would go for, time and skill be damned: 

These nail charms are too cool. These are definitely a design I'd go for once the weather cools off a bit.

These nails are pretty precious, you guys.

I especially like these designs — and if you're trying to do them on your own, you won't have to worry about making the design match each finger.

I love this marbled effect... Now if I can only find a professional in the DFW area to help me with this design!

I'm loving Alexa Chung's evil eye manicure. I need to get a new black nail pen stat!

These constellation nails are too cool. Most of it looks pretty doable, except for the eye. I'd definitely need someone's help on that one! The work was done by a Tokyo-based manicurist, Hatsuki Furutani's Salon Works from A.M.S. Ebisu Place in Shibuya.

I still really need to try watermelon nails, but let's be honest, that right hand isn't going to look so good...

Are there nail designs that you'd want to try if time and skill weren't stopping you, Lovelies?

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