When I'm stressed out and just can't seem to catch a break, my mood becomes unpleasant to be around. I just started to realize just how great of an aid music is. As soon as I play my favorite catchy songs, my mood changes positively.

1.) Avicii vs. Nicky Romero: I Could Be The One

This is the song I listen to automatically whenever I'm in a bad mood. The small amount of lyrics and music is so uplifting that I can't help, but be happy. I encourage you to watch the music video, if you're feeling extra down, it's hilarious. The last scene of the video is unexpected though.

2.) Empire Of The Sun: Celebrate

This song is great in changing your mood because of the positive message it has. It basically says to celebrate your love whether it be to another person or life itself. The music and peaceful voices of the duo help make it an instant hit.

3.) Ke$ha: Love Into The Light

This is hands down my favorite Ke$ha song to this day. The song has a slow tempo and beat, but the lyrics are what reach me. It's about just loving one another and forgetting about the negative.

4.) Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell: Ain't No Mountain High Enough

This song is a certified classic and throwback. Many of us weren't even born when the single came out. When I hear the song, it just makes me so happy because of how happy Marvin and Tammi's voices sound.

5.) Christina Aguilera: Fighter

I hear this song whenever I'm extremely down, like if my confidence is low. Hearing the lyrics and seeing Christina kick ass in the music video gives me the motivation to turn my attitude around and to be positive.

What songs do you Lovelies like to hear when you're upset? What genre is your favorite? 

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