Some prefer to spend every waking moment of summer getting tan by a body of water. Some (like me) like to relax indoors. During summer, I am a TV marathoner and proud of it. As someone who watched the first season of The Vampire Diaries in 3 days, I count marathoning shows as one of my skills sets. Too bad you can’t put that on a resume. The beauty of Netflix is the ability to catch-up on a show as fast as you want. So grab some snacks, get comfortable and watch!

Here are my picks for the shows to watch this summer!

Parks & Recreation

Hands down one of the funniest shows on TV, Parks and Recreation follows the lovably weird Pawnee gang led by Leslie Knope. Watch as the best ensemble cast out there deals with crises like someone growing pot in the community garden, a escaped mini-horse and crazy ex-wives named Tammy.

Sister Wives 

I am addicted to reality TV. There’s just something great about turning your brain off and watching someone else’s drama unfold. Sister Wives is addictive because of the relationships between these four women as they all vie for the attention of one husband. The rampant passive aggressiveness alone makes it worth watching.


Of all the college themed movies and TV shows I’ve watched, Undeclared is the one that captures the whole experience spot on. The dorm parties, awkward hook-ups and falling asleep in a boring history class are all there, shown in such a realistic way that you will fondly relate. The show also stars many recognizable faces like Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, Charlie Hunnam and Amy Poehler.


Hot brothers travel around the country fighting evil at every turn. Do you really need any other reason to watch? Just look at the picture above.

Friday Night Lights 

If there is one show that should be required viewing for everyone, this is it. Even if you have never so much as glanced at a football game, you will still love watching the hopes, dreams and fears of all the people in Dillon, Texas.


Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock brings old world charm to the modern day neurosis we expect from a 21st century genius. Joined by John Watson in the bromace that launched a thousand Tumblr posts, they turn London upside down solving fascinating crimes. You might grow a little anxious as the story goes on waiting for it to finish, but the final moments when the mystery is solved will make you want to immediately re-watch the episode to figure out just how Sherlock did it.

White Collar

There was a time when my roommate and I sat on the couch and watched White Collar for 8 hours straight. If asked, we would say that we loved the show because of the interesting crimes, hilarious relationship between the two lead characters, and fun mischief of it all. But honestly, it was because of Neal Caffrey played by Matt Bomer. I have said it before, and I’ll say it again, if we ever figure out how to successfully clone humans we should start with him.

The Tudors 

Are you a history nerd who happens to love gorgeous scenery and costumes and even more gorgeous people? Then The Tudors is for you. This 16th century soap opera about Henry VIII’s reign mixes politics of the crown with romance, intrigue, family drama and the occasional beheading.

Arrested Development

Arrested Development is more popular than ever thanks to its new season being released on Netflix. The show is obviously hilarious but not for the faint of heart. Its constant in-jokes, misunderstandings and subtle references require multiple viewings. Even if you watch it just to get the references your friends are always making it, do it! You will not be disappointed.

The Walking Dead 

You have probably been told time and time again to watch this hugely popular AMC show, so here’s your chance. As someone who has can barely sit through the tamest horror movie, I was surprised how much I loved this show. The zombies are constantly there, but it’s the dynamics between all these completely different survivors that will keep you watching.

What are your favorite shows to marathon, Lovelies? Any of the ones above?

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