Summer is synonymous with sun. And what better way to spend time in the sun than having your very own cute summer picnic? There are tons of green spaces, parks and nature preserves nearby to wherever you live that can serve as the perfect picnic destination. Bring your friends or your love interest — no one can turn down delicious food in a beautiful location! So here are three seemingly random but essential touches to make your cute, summer picnic outing absolutely unforgettable.

1. Hair Bow Out of the ordinary I know, but hair bows are the perfect summer hair accessory. They're cute, pretty unique (because although everyone seems to love them, they're difficult to find sometimes) and just seem to exude the feeling that you're carefree and happy. An added plus is that your hair always looks cute even from the back! For some reason, hair bows and picnics go hand in hand in my mind. I wore one today to my picnic and got compliments on it! It helps you get into the spirit of summer, planning, nature and hanging out with your favorite people.

2. Pyrex/Glass Containers Of course it doesn't truly matter which containers you use to put your delicious concoctions in (Lord knows your friends or love interest won't mind!), but in my opinion, presentation really makes a difference because the little things count. I'm always super excited about the simple pleasures, and dramatically presenting awesome picnic food in the grass in glass containers just looks so much better than plastic! It makes you feel uber-legit and like you're in a movie, and it definitely boosts your mood. Just go for it. Oh, and don't forget to wrap them in those cute little checkered towels!

3. Hammock Grab a hammock and bring it to the picnic site! Use your own or borrow a friend's, but I truly recommend buying an ENO hammock — they're trendy, incredibly useful, comfortable, durable and can fit as many people as you want depending on which one you purchase! If you bring it to the place where you're picnic-ing, you and others can relax in it afterwards and read books or just talk and laugh. It's the perfect post-picnic plan.

4. Extra Touch So hopefully you've packed all that classic and delicious picnic food, like types of potato or chicken salad and different kinds of sandwiches. But what will really set your picnic apart, and what will make you and everyone else even happier for the rest of the day, is adding an extra touch like homemade raspberry lemonade or an apple pie. Pinterest has a cornucopia of recipes, so just find your favorite type of juice, lemonade, pie or other type of dessert and go crazy!

Lovelies, are you planning on having a summer picnic? 

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