On summer break it can be hard to get a birthday card to a college friend who lives far away. That's why I love using photo collage applications to make a cute Facebook wall post for my friends. Quick and personal a digital photo collage is the perfect way to celebrate your bond with your friend on their birthday. Today I whipped together the cute collage (shown above) for one of my sorority sisters with the application called PicFrame. When I was in high school, my friends would often handcraft collages in birthday cards. I've found my new solution. More D.I.Y. looking than just posting a photo to your friend's wall, a photo collage is a little virtually crafted gift. A photo collage can be used for a cute phone background and would even look adorable printed out a popped into a cute frame. I'm huge on decorating my dorm room with simple decorations. Since I'm studying abroad in the fall, I'll need suitcase friendly decorations. I'll be crafting a few of these collages to put into light picture frames and packing them in my luggage. After all these collages pack a lot of memories into a little space.

Like I said earlier the app I used was called PicFrame, but there are plenty of other similar (free) apps on the iTunes store. PicFrame is easy to use — you just select the set up you like and pop your pictures into the boxes. From there you can change the sizes of the boxes in addition to putting filters on your pictures. In the collage above I did different filters for every picture (with PicFrame), in the collage below I put the entire collage into instagram and used one filter over the entire image.

This is one I made to commemorate my first two years in my sorority.

Lovelies, what do you think about virtual collages? Have you ever made one?