Instagram’s latest update has been causing a commotion. The mobile app now allows you to record videos too. Needless to say, I’m even more obsessed with Instagram now. 

Vine has some serious competition now. Instagram’s video feature has a 15 second maximum, which is nine seconds longer than Vine. Vine was gaining tons of popularity. Now many Instagram users have posted pictures stating that Vine is done.

Getting to add a filter to your video also makes Instagram much cooler. The video lets you pause and resume segments. If you don’t like a part of your video you can delete that one part. Afterwards you can keep recording.

I think this could definitely result in Vine’s downfall. More people are using Instagram than Vine. According to Digital Marketing Ramblings, there are 100 million Instagram users, whereas Vine only has 13 million users. [via Bloomberg Businessweek]

Have you downloaded the latest Instagram Video? Would you rather use Vine or Instagram for videos? Do you own either app? 

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