Ever have those bad hair days when your hair just falls flat, those curls turn to frizz or it just looks dull? It's definitely happened to me. It's not the products that I'm using because I'm using those on my good hair days, and it's not anything else either because once again, I'm a creature of habit. I find myself scratching my head every single time it happens! Did you know that the culprit to those unexplainable bad hair days may have just been revealed? 

According to recent research, it could be that copper is what's terrorizing every aspect of your hair. According to a research fellow at Procter & Gamble, when copper is present in the hair, strands are less able to stand up to damage from brushing and heat styling. As the metal builds up in the hair, it can gradually cause split ends, flyaways, dullness — it can even exacerbate UV damage. And if you dye your hair, the effects can be even worse!

It seems that researchers are using this information to develop shampoos and hair dyes that remove copper from hair, hopefully resulting in less damage to our strands. I'm wondering if this will really work! [via Refinery 29]

I certainly felt a difference in my hair while I was staying at Mark's family's home in North Carolina. It seemed that my hair reacted much better to the water there than the water in Dallas. Maybe it had something to do with copper!

What do you think about the possibility that copper ruins your hair, Lovelies?

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