While I consider myself loyal to Warby Parker as far as eyewear and customer experience go, a new discovery — DITTO — is nipping at their heels. While they don’t provide a home try-on (yet) and don’t yet have their own line of hip frames, the DITTO site is extremely innovative.

The site allows you to take a three-dimensional photo of yourself using a webcam and the guides provided on the site and then uses their measurements to suggest designer frames that will best fit the size of your face.

And then you can try on all the pairs! I opted for a pair of tortoiseshell Ray Ban New Wayfarers. (P.S. — Don’t judge my awful stoic expression — I was focusing really hard on making my DITTO!)

I think this concept takes glasses and online shopping to a new level. I’m excited to see how others (like Warby Parker) react to this. The experience was totally helpful, but I’m not sure yet that anything can beat the amazing price offered by Warby.

Lovelies, have you tried DITTO? Would you consider buying a pair after only trying them on virtually?

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