We’re all familiar with the way summer runs giggling up to us, grabs us by the hand, drags us with it on a whirlwind of joyful antics and then disappears as suddenly as it came — leaving us wondering: Are you ever coming back?

The good news: we’ve still got months left before we even have to fret about fall. Do you have a summer romance or a group of ladies you love to spend the summer adventuring with? Either way, here’s some spiffy and unique ideas guaranteed to help you make the most of your summer — and stop that awfully repetitive “What do you want to do?” “I dunno, what do you want to do?” exchange.

1. Movie in a meadow
Whether you’re charming your honey or frolicking with your friends, you really can’t go wrong with an evening movie in a meadow. Bring a laptop or, if you’re feeling extra committed and the circumstances allow, bring a white sheet and a cheap projector to hang on your car or a brick wall at the edge of a field. Relax on a large picnic blanket and bring food. After the movie, you can even have fun stargazing and trying your hand at naming constellations!

2. Surprise “kidnapping”
Another thrilling adventure perfect for either a significant other or a fun-loving friend, a surprise “kidnapping” leaves everyone breathless with laughter and a hilarious memory they’ll never forget. Show up at your friend’s house accompanied by other friends, or the house of your beau with a friend who also has a boyfriend so you can ambush them both together. Throw rocks at the target’s window, climb a tree, get creative! You can even call a family member if nothing else works and get them to order the person to go outside. Once they’re out, grab them and don’t tell them where you’re going! Head to a cheeseburger joint, a drive-in movie or a well-lit park.

3. Ballroom dance lessons
Whether you and your girls want to practice with random, potentially attractive partners or you and your love interest want to spend a night dancing under the stars, ballroom dance lessons should definitely be on the top of your bucket list. Swirling and flying to your heart’s content in the arms of a handsome prince charming — we were basically built to dream about this since the Disney days. There are tons of clubs and venues that offer an hour of dance lessons plus two hours of dancing afterwards. I recommend swing dancing as well because it’s hilarious, unique and unforgettable.

4. Cook a smorgasbord
Invite your honey over for a feast that you’ll cook together, or invite your friends potluck-style and have everyone bring a dish. Nothing is more fun than laughing together, making sense of recipes and attempting to avoid kitchen cooking crises. An added plus: a table of amazing food that you get to consume.

5. Scavenger hunt
Not as hard as it sounds, a scavenger hunt only has to be as complicated as you make it. If laziness overwhelms you and prevents you from actually hiding things, make a list of things you want to see or find and people you want to talk to and complete the list before the evening is over!

6. Pool-hopping
Simple: try to get into as many pools as you can over the course of the day. Come prepared with multiple towels, sunscreen and your bathing suit. Also a great date or friend adventure, this is sure to be a day you won’t forget. Traipse into public pools, sleuth around others and above all, remember: fountains do count.

7. Random road trip
Pack up your stuff and hit the road, Jack. It doesn’t take much money to drive an hour or so to the beach and stay the whole day; if you have family or friends anywhere relatively near the city you live in, drive out to visit them with your boyfriend or friends and stay a couple of days! A more casual option: pick a nearby cool town or city and road trip it up there for the day. If you’re super spontaneous, just start driving and stop somewhere interesting. Keep RoadsideAmerica in mind, and happy road tripping!

Lovelies, what are your favorite summer adventures to take part in? Have you tried any of these with a date or with friends? 

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