In about a month, I will be moving into my very first, very own apartment. It is a very small apartment, but regardless, it is mine. My roommate and I are so excited to move in, and I am even more excited to decorate it.

While it is a small two-bedroom unit with a small kitchen and living space, (it is in the Bronx, after all) there are small ways to make the tiny shoebox feel more like home. Simple touches and sweet accent pieces make all the difference.

Here are a few of my favorite options:

1. Fresh flowers
In an "apartment decor" themed Easter basket last spring, my mom surprised me with a vase from Kate Spade. I am beyond excited to fill it with fresh (bodega) flowers to cheer up my kitchen table. There's nothing a bouquet of fresh peonies can't brighten up.

2. Coffee table books
I have always been obsessed with the big, photo-filled books meant to sit on coffee tables. I think there are so many options that can add so much personality. This book of cocktails and this fast food book would be the perfect addition to my coffee table. Which I haven't bought yet.

3. Fun rugs
Even though it's a small space, I think a fun, patterned rug would definitely add a fun pop to an otherwise drab living room. Paired with toned down pillows and throw blanket, it would add personality without overpowering the space. I absolutely love this one from Serena and Lily.

4. Vanity decor
One way to instantly make a bedroom look more elegant is to add classy vanity accents. A shiny tray to display perfume and a pretty jewelry holder adorned with your favorite accessories take a tabletop from cluttered to classy almost instantly. I'm currently lusting over this catch-all for my stray jewelry and this tray to hold my perfume bottles.

 5. Decorative Dishes
For years now I have been wandering into the housewares section of Anthropologie and just drooling over the gorgeous plates, bowls and glasses. They are the perfect way to add a splash of color to an otherwise drab kitchen. I love how cute they all are without being too much. I would love to be able to afford this set, and these are too cute to keep in a cupboard. I would leave them out on display!

There are so many things I can't wait to buy for my apartment, but I really do feel that it is the small touches that make a rental apartment into a home away from home.

Lovelies, what are your favorite details to decorate with? What other ways do you make apartments and dorms feel more like home?

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