Nicole Richie is at it again by bringing the cameras back into her life. This time with a new web series called #CandidlyNicole for AOL.

The show lasts between three to five minutes, depending on the topic. So far six episodes have premiered online. A new episode comes out every Tuesday. The cameras film basic things that Nicole does which have so far included her considering removing her tattoo, shopping with friends, hanging out with her younger sister, getting a hair cut and choosing flowers for her home.

Each episode focuses on a specific tweet that Nicole made a certain day. On her debut episode, the tweet she made was 'Woke up feeling good about myself, until I remembered I have a tramp stamp,' meaning that the episode was going to deal with a possible tattoo removal.

What makes this show enjoyable to watch is Nicole's sense of humor. She doesn't hold back, so you get to hear whatever funny thing she has to say. You also get to see some of her friends and family, who turn out to be just as funny as her. If you're looking for a good laugh, I'd definitely recommend this show to you, Lovelies.

Check out Nicole's show on this link.

Would you watch the show? Do you think more celebrities should have online series? Which artist would you like to see get their own series? 

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