I'm one of those girls who just loves wearing heels. Every time I get an opportunity I wear them, and I tend to save most of my splurges for them! A lot of girls are afraid to wear heels unless its for a special occasion, but I believe that they can be appropriate at other times as well — as long as you are smart about wearing them.

The biggest mistake girls make when wearing heels is being awkward and stumbling around in them. In order for heels to help you look good and act confident, you have to look steady and graceful in them.

The first step to wearing heels the right way is making sure you buy a perfect fit. When trying shoes on at the store, make sure they're the right size, and walk around in them to make sure they are comfortable.

And I hate to say it, but there is no magical step that allows you to walk gracefully in heels. Like most things, practice makes perfect, and the more you wear them, the easier it will be to walk in them.

Another thing that will make heels easier (and more enjoyable) to wear, is knowing what heels to wear on what occasions. For examples, glitzy stilettos are probably not the best idea for the office. And summer wedges may not be the best choice for a formal evening out. Here are some guidelines of what shoes to wear on different occasions:

For the workplace, I tend to go with shorter heels. Although flats would probably be comfortable I cringe and putting away my heels for an everyday activity. But when I'm on my feet for hours at a time, comfort seems to take over. I tend to go with a supportive kitten heel like these edgy Louboutins.

If I'm running errands during the day or going to meetings, I'm spending a lot of time sitting down so I'm not afraid to up the height of the heels. I sometimes like to wear strappy summer wedges like these Steve Madden ones. They are supportive and super easy to walk in. I also love these colorful and eye-cathing Guess pumps for the daytime.

Nighttime, either for a party or a fancy dinner, is when I pull out the glamorous heels. Classic black suede pumps are a fashion staple that everyone should have in their closets. They go with nearly everything. Sparkly stilettos are also fun to add a bit of glitz to an outfit just like these fancy Jimmy Choo's.

The most important thing to take away from this, is don't be afraid of heels! Of course, if you're not used to wearing them they may seem intimidating, but if you wear them the right way I swear you'll end up loving them. Just make sure you buy a pair of heels that are comfortable and appropriate for the occasion. Your confidence will skyrocket!

Do you love to wear heels as much as I do, Lovelies? Do you ever have trouble walking in them?

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