A few weeks ago, I shared with you Lovelies some amazing summer cocktail recipes. For special occasions, it's a lot of fun to dress up your cocktail with an adorable cocktail stick. Not only are they fun, they are functional too! It's always nice to be able to stir up your beverage to keep it nice and fresh. Whip up some of these and keep them on hand for your next happy hour! 


Use washi tape as a decorative way to secure a faux flower to a skewer for this floral cocktail stick.

Gold tinsel attached to a skewer is the ultimate celebratory cocktail stick!

A cocktail stick after my own heart! Glue a few crystals to a wood skewers for some super mystical cocktail sticks.

Chalkboard cocktail sticks, are you kidding me? Cut out balsa wood into a speech bubble shape, coat it with chalkboard paint and after it dries, use chalk to emblazon it with your own message. Too cute to handle.

Use a tiny dot of glue to secure these adorable sparkly pom poms to a skewer for a festive cocktail stick.

Take a bit of metallic ribbon, fold it in half and put a dab of glue between the fold to secure it to a skewer. Cut a triangle into the end and you have an awesome glittery flag cocktail stick!

For a fringe flag cocktail stick, use a little bit of glue to attache a square of tissue paper to a skewer. Once it's dry, use some scissors to cut the fringe. [via A Beautiful Mess]

Lovelies, which is your favorite cocktail stick?