On last night’s season finale of Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life, Ke$ha was seen bawling over a post that blogger, Perez Hilton had made. All of a sudden it hit me that maybe the blogger was a bit too much in the way he delivered celebrity news on his site. This isn’t the first time a celebrity mentions Perez on being mean, so I started to think, is his blog more of a bashing site rather than an entertainment source 

While being on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Jennifer Aniston spoke about her confrontation with Perez. She asked him why he was such a bully because of things that he had said on his website about her. Apparently that helped Perez realize he needed to be a lot nicer on his blog and he said that he would no longer continue harassing artists. [via Huffington Post]

It did seem like the blogger had quit being so mean on his website, but that didn’t mean that all was going to be peaceful. Perez has had many feuds with artists including Ke$ha, Amanda Bynes, Lily Allen, Azealia Banks and Miley Cyrus.

Although his posts have gotten better, they can sometimes sound snarky. It’s hard to tell if he’s actually trying to make an effort at being nice or if he’s just being more subtle about his meanness. At times it can be hard to change someone’s personality, so maybe he’s still trying to adjust to being less judgmental when it comes to writing his blogs.

Do you think Perez Hilton is mean? Are celebrities too sensitive about their personal life? How would you deal with someone that acts like Perez? 

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