Have you ever been really excited to try a new nail lacquer, only to be disappointed that it made your skin look yellow, or too pale? Truthfully, I never gave it too much thought until I started expanding my nail polish arsenal a bit more, only to end up bummed that some shades just looked awful on my skin. Have you had a similar experience? 

1. If you have red or pink undertones like Cameron Diaz, who suffers from rosacea, steer clear from polish colors that have the same tone in them — it will enhance the red in your skin. Opt for more feminine sheer, soft shades instead. And if you’re looking for a dark hue, go for navy instead of black.

2. If you have fair skin like Anne Hathaway, Katie recommends using lighter shades of lacquer with pink or blue undertones. “Pastels always look amazing, says Katie. Shel Pink — founder of SpaRitual — recommends avoiding colors that are too beige or too dark. “They’ll make your hands look pale and sickly,” she says.

3. Lucky enough to have gorgeous tan skin like Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Simpson? Avoid gold and brassy hues, as they tend to lose vibrancy against tanned skin and will come out looking dull. Choose warm shades like pale browns, light blues, pinks and purples.

4. If you have a medium dark to dark complexion like Kerry Washington, choose deep shades like vibrant oranges, purples or reds. Try to avoid pale pastel shades, which will make you look washed out. [via She Finds]

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What kinds of colors look best with your complexion, Lovelies? Is there a color that you can't really wear?

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