I have this little ritual where every Saturday morning, I wake up, get as ready as I can manage to and paint my nails.I like to switch up colors and textures each time I do my nails. One thing stays constant, though. I'm always messing them up one way or another. Here are a few of the nail polish woes I experience on the weekly.

1. I never give my nails enough time to dry. I sit impatiently for half an hour waiting for the lovely lacquer on my nails to dry. Once they're at that point, I go to do something and suddenly there's a smudge or a mark.

2. I cannot paint my right hand. I'm right handed, so getting my left hand polished to perfection is a total breeze. Once I get to my right hand, it's all downhill. I end up with polish all over my fingers, and that's on a good day (only a slight exaggeration).

3. I always have to either use the bathroom or have a ridiculous and unjustified need to eat right when I start my nails. These are two things you cannot do when your nails are wet but it always manages to happen.

4. The worst feeling is when you start doing your nails and you realize your base coat has congealed a bit and is gummy. Worse than that? Finishing your nails and applying topcoat that is also congealed and gummy. Worse than that? Your favorite shade congealing. It's such a bummer. [via Beauty High]

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Have you experienced any of these nail polish woes, Lovelies? 

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