It’s been almost four years since Michael Jackson passed away, but that hasn’t stopped his name from appearing in the headlines. Yet again, he’s being accused of sexual abuse from one of his old dancers, Wade Robson.

Robson is known for being a dancer and choreographer to the stars. He’s worked for the Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, ‘N Sync and Demi Lovato.

Recently, he appeared on The Today Show and spoke with Matt Lauer about this supposed allegation. Robson says that he isn’t doing any of this for money. All he wants is for his voice to be heard and to not have to keep quiet anymore.

Many of us are thinking why Robson decided to wait so long on this subject. Robson declared in favor of Jackson when he was sued for similar sexual abuse charges by another person. Robson never said anything about Jackson being a molester or sexual predator then.

It seems very sketchy of Robson to speak out now. If he doesn’t provide any type of evidence soon, then it’s going to seem like a money-grubbing sort of scheme.

What makes this scenario appear like it’s just another ploy to get money out of the Jackson estate is that the family was planning on suing AEG Live in connection with Jackson’s death around this time. [via NYDaily News]

Is it all just a mere coincidence or planned timing? ┬áThat’s what many of us are asking ourselves, but as the months pass by I’m sure we’ll find out more details.

Do you think Robson is doing this for money? Why do you think he waited so long to speak out?  Do you think this will encourage more people to speak out against Jackson?

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