A little over a year ago, I made the decision to cut off ten inches (so most of) of my hair to donate to girls and women suffering from cancer, alopecia and other illnesses that cause hair to fall out. When I was growing up, people would say that I was so blessed to have the hair I did. I wanted to share that gift with others. I couldn’t imagine how I would feel if I were to lose all of my hair — it’s my crutch. So one day I decided to donate it. It made me so happy that I could give someone that gift… something really from myself. Unfortunately, not every service that provides girls and women with hair gives to the cause. Locks of Love is in quite a sticky situation with $6 million in donations unaccounted for. What’s the deal?

Locks of Love hasn’t used the amount of hair they should be when putting together pieces. Many hair donations aren’t usable, but about 20 percent of donations to this non-profit are. This makes just over 2000 hair pieces. Locks of Love only made a bit more than 300 pieces last year. So where are the 1700 other usable pieces and the $6 million? We aren’t sure.

The infographic below does a great job explaining this situation.

Nonprofit Investor was the site that realized things were going awry. This site aims to ensure that funds and items said to be going to nonprofits and to needed causes actually get to the right people. Gladly, they caught this before more hair went unaccounted for. No one is certain where the hair has gone. [via The Gloss]

Speculation among people I’ve spoken with about this is that Locks of Love is selling this hair for their own benefit and not to the patients who they are aimed at.

Luckily, I donated my hair to a different cause (Pantene Beautiful Lengths). I would have been so upset to have known that my hair went unaccounted for. I do not want this situation to deter people from donating their hair. I think it is such a wonderful thing to do and it is a gift from yourself. Money donations and items are great and have been so helpful to a number of causes. But to give of your time or yourself is a little extra special. If you have long hair that has never been dyed, you are a great candidate for hair donation and you should think about doing that. However, make sure you do your research on the company or foundation who receives you hair so you can ensure it is going where it is most needed. 

Have you ever donated your hair, Lovelies? What do you think of this situation?

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