There is no chemical product in the world that can beat all-natural. To give my skin a boost here or there, I like to use vitamin-packed fruits and vegetables. We all know that these foods are super healthy for our bodies, but in fact they are great for our skin as well! These are some of my favorite natural skin savers.

1. Cucumber

Cucumbers are known to be really soothing for the face and reduce swelling. If I have allergies or morning eyes, I sometimes take two slices of cold cucumber and press them against my eyes. For an all over treatment, try blending a few slices along with yogurt and apply like a face mask. It has a nice soothing sensation and it makes redness and puffiness go away pretty quickly!

2. Lemon

Lemon can act as a facial toner or astringent, and it is also a natural cleanser if you have naturally oily skin. Try blending lemon and honey together to make a soothing face wash. Again, you can add plain lemon juice to plain yogurt and create a face mask which will clean out your pores and give you a fresh, clean feeling after rinsing.

3. Avocado

My favorite facial treatment is the avocado mask. Unlike with lemons, use avocados for dry skin. The oily texture of the vegetable and all the fatty acids it contains will hydrate the skin, making it soft and smooth. Be careful not to leave an avocado mask on for too long, and make sure you rinse really well with lukewarm water. Too much avocado can make your face too oily and cause blemishes.

4. Strawberries

I love pureeing strawberries to make a wash, because it makes my face look so much brighter. If you feel like your face is looking a little dull or tired, mash up some strawberries and apply to your face for about half an hour. When you wash it off, your face will instantly look brighter and more awake!

5. Banana

Like avocados, bananas are great moisturizers. Simply, mash up a bunch of bananas and add to olive oil (if you do make sure to wash it off really well) or just apply them to your face plain. The fruit has a super nourishing effect and they contain plenty of vitamins that are great for your skin!

Do you use any fruits or veggies to replenish your skin, Lovelies?

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