So I received this fun box of goodies from the peeps over at Aveeno to review their new Ultra-Calming skincare collection for sensitive skin. Among the products I received was the daily moisturizer, a night cream and a makeup remover. Formulated specifically for people with sensitive skin the collection is said to be "clinically proven to visibly reduce redness and calm and soothe irritation, revealing naturally healthy looking skin." While I myself don't have the traditionally defined 'sensitive' facial skin that these products are targeted for, I have been using Aveeno products for the majority of my life as I'm a long-term sufferer of eczema (which is basically like having life-long chicken pox — except instead of cute little itchy-as-hell dots on your body they're more like large patches of painful itchy red hell that can flare up at any time. To put it mildly). So as a loyal user of Aveeno whose moisturizing products have always been sensitive enough to use on my dry, irritable skin I was more than pleased to try out this new collection for my face.

Aveeno Ultra-Calming Night Cream

This was the product I was more excited for. I've always been fascinated by night creams and their restorative sleep properties (to wake up with soft, luscious beautiful skin is the ultimate dream) and have been itching (oh, the painful pun) to try out one but hadn't quite decided which brand to go with. The pros about this night cream are that it's oil-free, hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic (in non-science terms: a product that won't clog your pores).

The entire collection totes the use of the naturally calming ingredient Feverfew, an anti-oxidant related to chamomile, in order to reduce redness as well as diminish blotchiness for even-looking skin.

I won't lie, the product itself kind of had me scared once I unscrewed the cap to reveal a fairly thick oatmeal-coloured paste. But at least the smell is pleasant, fairly light and neutral and smells like chamomile tea in my opinion. I've been using it every single night for the last four nights and have woken up to incredibly soft skin. I'm also the type of person to double moisturizers as a lip balm so I've been coating my lips with it too when I go to bed and my lips feel exfoliated and soft.

In the past I have experienced some redness in my cheek-area and I can say that right now, although my cheeks aren't irritable or enflamed, they are a little bit red. Very moisturized and soft, but red. While I used to suffer from really gross breakouts in my first year of college, I'm thankful my skin has cleared up significantly to an almost-clear complexion (pesky chin pimples will be the death of me, I swear). Unfortunately, my skin isn't as even as I'd like it to be and there are some faded remnants of past pimples — nothing that even a tinted moisturizer can't cover up. I had been hoping the night cream would finally solve my uneven skin tone. It hasn't yet, but I'll keep holding out that it evenutally will.

Aveeno Ultra-Calming Makeup Removing Wipes

I was quite peeved to get this product since I had just dropped cash on a beauty run to restock on my makeup remover wipes at Sephora, but nevertheless have been using these the last few days in replacement of those. It boasts all the same qualities as the night cream and daily moisturizer and says that it "gently soothes and cleanses, removing dirt and makeup, even mascara."

It's not the worst makeup remover wipe I've used, but it's probably not the best. It has the same pleasant chamomile-y smell consistent throughout the collection (though I do detect a bit of pear? My olfactory senses are seriosuly whack, though) but did a fairly lackluster job at removing all of my makeup. I woke up the next morning with an unattractive mascara ring in my under-eye area.

Aveeno Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer with Sunscreen

Bonus points to Aveeno for releasing a daily moisturizer with added SPF in it. Especially considering the fact that Vancouver has been experiencing a rather uncharacteristic hot week with temps in the mid-20s I was quite thankful for this. Further bonus points for implementing a locking system on the pump because I've found that so many products don't do this and it's incredibly annoying to throw something as tiny as this — that needs to be reapplied every 2 hours! — into your bag only to have it explode broad UV spectrum protection liquid all over your wallet. Not fun.

You can definitely tell this product isn't just a simple moisturizer and is definitely a suncreen. The product that gets pumped out is thick and clay-like and features a bit more of a chemical-y smell than the night cream and the makeup removing wipes. Though definitely more natural and pleasant-smelling then your garden-variety sunscreen. I've taken to applying it under my makeup to get it to last longer and it absorbs quite quickly into the skin. I've noticed that my skin is significantly softer and after using it my cheeks feel really warm and soothed.

The bottom line: As someone with sensitive skin, this collection wasn't aggravating or irritating and products deliver fairly decent results. Aveeno is a brand I've trusted for awhile so I'll be rotating these products in my arsenal (especially the sunscreen moisturizer as we move into the summer months) for some time to come. For people with sensitive skin, prone to redness and want something to smooth your skin without irritating it, I'd recommend.

You can browse the gallery for a few more shots of the products.

Lovelies, will you be trying out Aveeno's new collection for sensitive skin?