I adore New York for its seasonal weather but this past winter felt like the longest ever! The weather really does affect my mood, so I look forward to sunlight therapy. Anyhow, I usually don’t mind the cold winter months. But now that warm weather is fast approaching I remember all the annoying things about the summer. 

 Here is the top five on my list:

I absolutely hate shaving! It’s such an annoying process. Very seldom do I shave during the fall/winter unless I absolutely have to. During the warm months I don’t have the luxury of this option unless I always wear long pants. And if you know anything about New York summers you know it gets pretty hot and humid — yikes! I had a co-worker told me this week goose bumps cause stubble... perfect!

Pedicures: I know a lot of women enjoy getting pedicures. I like getting them every once in a while but during the summer it’s a constant effort to make it to the nail salon to polish my toes. I sometimes do them myself but it never comes out the same as when I get them done at the salon. For the life of me I can never seem to avoid air bubbles!

Dripping make-up: I have oily skin. I can barely keep my oily skin under control during the winter. I’ve tried numerous products that are supposed to target this issue but none seem to do the trick. Obviously, during the summer it’s even worse. I don’t look forward to having my make-up slipping and sliding across my face resembling melting ice cream. Just once I would like to come home with the face I left with in the morning.

Trains: I don’t have a car so I’m always taking the train. I don’t mind at all. That is a benefit of living in a city like New York there are a lot of means of transportation. But during the warm season subway stations can be a nightmare! It’s just too hot! It can be pretty stuffy down there during the winter but in the summer? Forget about it. And heavens forbid your train’s air conditioner isn’t working, you’re in for a real treat with sweaty bodies surrounding you — eek!  

 I don’t like the beach! I love the scenery but I don’t like the way the scorching pebbles of sand feels on my body. I also like to be kissed by the sun not beaten by it. My friends used to call me all the time to hangout at the beach during the summer and I used to make up all kinds of excuses. Now I flat out tell them, I don’t like the beach. I am more of a pool person. Pool party? I’m there! 

So Lovelies, is there anything you don't like about warm weather? Please share! 

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