Jessica Chastain basically has it all. She's a gorgeous Oscar-nominated actress, who I'm convinced is the real-life incarnation of Jessica Rabbit, a red carpet style icon, and now she's also the face of Yves Saint Laurent beauty. Jessica has worked with YSL in the past as the spokesmodel for their 'Manifesto' fragrance, and now she's bringing her ferocity back out in full-force in new campaign ads for YSL beauty.


The above is Jessica's ad campaign for YSL's 'Manifesto' fragrance. She's been made an ambassador of Yves Saint Laurent, a choice Stephan Bezy, international general manager of Yves Saint Laurent Beauté at L’Oréal, says was the perfect one because 'she has the luminosity, charm, grace and power, the audacity as well, (to) embody the fragrance. She’s really an Yves Saint Laurent woman.' Jessica has become a regular fixture on the red carpet within the past few years and has always been a fan of the French label's fashion. When I think of Jessica, I think elegance and grace. When I think of YSL, I think rich and glamorous. It goes without saying that this is pretty much a match made in heaven, with Jessica as the perfect person to represent YSL in all their endeavors, whether fashion, fragrance or beauty-related. Her ad for 'Manifesto' was released months ago last year, but now we've gotten a peek into her ads for the beauty campaign and they are just as breathtakingly stunning! [via The Hollywood Reporter]

All the shots are fairly similar in design and tone, but most importantly, they showcase the luxury and mystique of the high-end brand that is YSL. Jessica is featured with flowing, side-swept hair, a look she frequently dominates, as well as dark smokey eyes and a perfect pout. Looking at these shots, I get the feel of the YSL woman being mysterious, sultry, glamorous and magnetic, as if no one could ignore or take their eyes off her. There's a focus on pure beauty in these shots, emphasizing Jessica's immaculate bone structure and overall unmistakable allure. If the goal was to lure in their customers and make them wanting more, I think they achieved it.

After seeing these ads, I feel like running to my nearest department store and looking at all the goodies YSL has to offer.

Lovelies, what do you think of Jessica representing YSL beauty? Do you often shop for your makeup at Yves Saint Laurent?

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