By now it’s pretty obvious that I love to look to Pinterest to get inspired for just about everything. Among all of the fashion, home, food and DIY pins, it is pretty simple to find beautiful items and spaces. Something I’ve really been loving is looking at gorgeous and unique workspaces. I usually just get work done in the library or at the kitchen table, so going through these enviable workspaces is a bit of motivation to create something for myself. Here are a few of my favorite workspace pins! 

This first workspace has the most magnificent view ever… the Eiffel tower. Who wouldn’t be able to get inspired when looking out at Paris’ beauty? The gray and white decor is also so pretty and simple.

I find this workspace incredible! The openness as well as the modern and eye-catching shelving make this a fun and unique place to get work done. All of the small plants and books and random pieces on the shelves are great additions… filling up space on the shelves would be so fun (and distracting!) Take a peek at this board for more wooden office pieces like this!

Equal parts modern and rustic, this is one of my favorite workspaces. The contrast of the metal lamp and storage boxes against the wooden desk is a perfect way to add a bit of a home quality to work. The single flower is also a sweet accent. A desk like this would definitely motivate me to get loads of work done. You can find this and other pretty interiors here.

Nothing is more sleek or modern than black and white. This workspace definitely has a masculine feel, but it is really nice to look at. The prints hung on the wall give an interesting and personal touch to the space while everything else is rather minimalistic. It’s awesome to see work areas that aren’t cluttered with paper and work, too!

Flowers, colored pens and candles are the perfect desktop accessories. Even though this is just a corner of a workspace, I can already tell that it’s a beautiful one. Having a few personal items and favorite things surrounding you makes working so much more manageable, especially on bad days. I also love the quirky zebra notepad. So cute! Find more spaces like this one here!

Click through the gallery for more pins like these!

Do you have a favorite workspace, Lovelies? What motivates you to get work done?

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