Wedding dresses can be really fun to look at. Although many of them are beautifully designed and made, some of them can just be flat-out laughable. Like the above photo of Vera Wang's bizarre new harness-peplum gown, featuring black as one of the primary colors. It's... interesting. Let's look at some of the other weird trends!

Doesn't this kind of just look like you're wearing your duvet? I guess it starts out nicely on top, but then what's the deal with the heap of fabric behind the dress? And the fabric covering up the legs looks ridiculously tight — could we just make them pants? And would that even improve the dress? So many questions.

Yiiiiikes. I totally get wanting to show off your legs, but I don't know, maybe your wedding isn't the best place to also show everyone your underwear?

Take a look at more strange trends in wedding dresses in the gallery below or at the original source! [via Buzzfeed]

Lovelies, which wedding dress trend do you find the weirdest?

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