There are times when I don’t quite understand what a person is saying and I just nod and smile and act as if I do.
I’m not intentionally trying to deceptive. But me smiling doesn’t have to mean I’m agreeing with you just that I’m listening. That’s the beauty of nonverbal communication it’s subjective. Of course this is circumstantial, I’m generally not afraid to ask questions or have a person repeat what they said in case I didn’t hear correctly but if I’m in a rush I’m more forgiving. 

When you give a verbal response to something you don’t understand you end up looking like this:

Haha! Well, to be fair to the participants the questions asked were pretty persuasive. It made you want to agree especially with the pressure of having a camera crew around. Very seldom do people want to admit to their ignorance. Even the word ignorant has negative connotations; all it means is a lack of knowledge.

So Lovelies, have you ever been in a situation like this? How did you handle it? Please share!

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