While a lot of us find it refreshing when celebrities go makeup-less when they're off the red carpet in their candid lives, like Jessica recently talked about. It seems that this nude trend is becoming more and more apparent on the red carpet. Recently, I'm finding that as I catch up with celebrity fashion that there's a lot less contouring going on (maybe it's because I stay away from the Kim Kardashian tags) and a lot more fresh faces stepping out under the popping lights of the cameras. Here's a quick breakdown of those who have recently sported this nude look and a few tips on how to get it.

Our own makeup aficionado Annie was recently saddened to see that the dewy skin look that has been so prevalent for many years is gradually making way for the more invisible matte skin. Now, it seems that celebrities are taking it one step further and taking this nude look all over the faces. Red lipstick gets swapped out for peach or a barely-there pink gloss. Dramatic, sweeping blush is replaced by either nothing at all or the barest tint of colour. Real lashes come out from behind their falsies with only a few coats of mascara and smoky eyes are stripped away for bare lids or a soft champagne wash.

This look was really prevalent at the Tribeca Film Festival this year as well as Tiffany & Co.'s Blue Book Ball. While I think Carey Mulligan took it to the farthest end of the spectrum when it came to a more natural look that really offset her white blonde slicked back hair, I absolutely loved Jessica's take in her beauty look. Bare brows, maybe a coat of mascara, pink lips, barely flushed cheeks and a gorgeous coppery shadow that makes her green eyes pop.

Perhaps it's the changing of the season and celebs are feeling the shift in wardrobe from covering up to wearing floatier, breezier pieces and applying that same logic to their faces, but either way I'm liking seeing some more fresh palettes out there on the red carpet!

To grab this look, I would swap out any heavy liquid foundations and opt for a nice tinted moisturizer instead (bonus points if it has SPF since we're heading deeper into spring sunshine). I've relied on the oil-free formula from Laura Mercier but since it's a stretch for most wallets, a few drops of your regular foundation into a nickel-sized amount of your favourite moisturizer would do the trick. Add on a cream blush like Maybelline's 'Dream Bouncy Blush'  for a bare flush of colour that you can control with your fingertips. Then add a gentle sweep of colour on your lips from a tinted lip balm like Smith's 'Rosebud Salve' which you can also apply to the apples of your cheeks if cream blushes don't do it for you. Brush on a layer of shimmery shadow like NYX's 'Golden' for an added bit of warmth around your eye area and finish off with a coat of your favourite mascara or go even more natural and just curl your lashes.

Scroll through the gallery of some recent examples of wonderfully done less-is-more looks.

Lovelies, do you like this more barely-there approach when it comes to makeup? Or are you all about the full face?

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