If you have curly hair like me, you know that the summer humidity means cleaning off the straightening iron and investing in an ionic blow dryer. For years, I have been straightening out my unruly curls and dousing my hair with greasy anti-frizz serum. I recently had an epiphany, though. Maybe it was the years of people telling me they would kill for my curls, or I've just embraced my natural tresses, but this year I am putting the straightener away for good.

Other than being extremely damaging to your hair by causing breakage and dryness, excessive heat to the strands kills all of its volume. Straight-haired people spend tons of money investing in blowouts, perms, and hot rollers while we can have volume without breaking the bank. 

But now that we are embracing our curls, we still have to take care of our tresses. The main reason our locks frizz up in the humidity, is because we don't keep them hydrated enough. Pick out a conditioner that is ultra moisturizing or use all-natural products like coconut oil and olive oil. A personal favorite of mine is Giovanni's 2chic Avocado and Olive Oil moisturizing conditioner. It keeps my curls soft and lustrous in and out of the heat.

Now, there are always those days that no matter how hard you try to tame those curls, they are always going to fight back. On these frustrating days, try a messy top-bun. Curly hair is super easy to wrap up into a bun, and even if strands are falling out and it isn't perfect, the curly texture still makes it look good.

My Product Picks:

After I get out of the shower, I like to spritz my hair with Organix Hydrating Coconut Oil Mist. It is super light, so after a couple spritzes my hair doesn't feel oily or weighted down.

Most mousses aren't good for curly hair, because they dry it out and create crunchy, wet-looking kinks. Instead, I like to use Giovanni Hair Styling Foam, because it creates sculpted curls without making them hard or drying them out.

When I'm fighting ultimate frizz, I smooth a pea-size amount of Giovanni 2chic Leave-in Conditioner into my hair. The argan oil keeps my hair feeling soft and smooth, but it doesn't contain unnatural oils that would give my hair a greasy sheen. 

So, curly-headed lovelies, do me a favor and embrace your curls this summer like I am. The stress and time spent straightening and blow-drying those beautiful locks is unneeded. Just keep these tips in mind when you are styling in the morning, and go out and celebrate your natural mane.

What kind of style suggestions do you have for curly hair?

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