There are girls all over the world who hope to become a part of the fashion industry. This is an industry filled with hard work, glamour and interesting people. But, some of fashion's most famous figures are also its most hated. Who are they? 

From models to editors to designers, here are five of the most hated women of fashion:

1. Anna Wintour Surprise, surprise! Anna Wintour, editor in chief of Vogue, is number one. With a movie based on her frightening editorial practices, a documentary and the nickname 'Nuclear Wintour', I'm not surprised that she won top spot. And despite all of this, I would still love to work for her someday. 

2. Victoria Beckham I love Posh Spice! I'm quite sad to see that she's hated in the industry. I suppose the fashion world hasn't taken to her case of chronic bitchface. I sympathize, because more often than not, I'm sporting the look too. It's an involuntary expression, world! Don't hate!

3. Olivia Palermo I'm actually not surprised that she made it on this list. Anyone who has watched The City knows Palermo as Whitney Port's frenemy. Her style is fantastic though, and this enviable wardrobe paired with her attitude are a sure way to make it onto the list of fashion's most hated. 

4. Miranda Kerr This now former Angel has lost her wings and headed straight into the realm of fashion hate. Though people in the industry are mentioning she is a diva, I hate her simply because she looks perfect. All. The. Time. So, really it's not hate, I've just been overtaken by the green eyed monster. 

5. Joan Rivers Anyone who has been shamed on Fashion Police is probably a reason she landed on this list. To me, she's a little crass but I'm so entertained by her jokes — and Joan in general — that I can't hate her. [via Huffington Post]

Do you agree with Huffington Post's list, Lovelies? Who in the world of fashion are you less than fond of?

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