Oh, boy. Can the world even handle more pitch perfection from the Barden Bellas? What am I saying, of course it can! Lucky for us (and the world), a sequel to the mega-hit movie Pitch Perfect has been green-lighted for release in 2015. This is such a smart move. Some people say that sequels have a way of never being as great as the original but I have high hopes that this sequel will be one that delivers plenty of aca-amazing performances, witty one-liners and projectile puking. Okay, maybe not that last part.

For anyone that repeatedly watched the "Riff-Off" scene or final performance from Pitch Perfect, the announcement of a sequel should be no surprise. Not only did it earn $112 million worldwide, but the soundtrack has sold over 636,000 copies and inspired a hit single — complete with its own music video – with star Anna Kendrick’s “Cups.” [via Entertainment Weekly] If you've seen the movie, you know that Anna's character Beca auditioned for the Barden Bellas simply by sitting and tapping on a cup while singing "When I'm Gone."

Music video:

Suffice it to say that Pitch Perfect started a worldwide craze and singing phenomenon, especially in the young adult market. I know all of my friends started talking in quotes by Fat Amy/Patricia and making references to different songs and performances. The first time I saw the movie, I also got hooked. I found the characters to all be instantly lovable and relatable, singing songs that would be stuck in my head constantly. Not many films have a way of reaching and capturing such a wide audience but Pitch Perfect did just that through the perfect combination of melodious mashups, a captivating plot and engaging comedy.

Kay Cannon will be back to write the screenplay for the sequel, but no other cast or crew have been confirmed just yet. However, considering how insanely popular Pitch Perfect was, it goes without saying that the major players should be back to reunite in all their acapella glory once again.

And now I'll leave you with my favorite scene/performance from Pitch Perfect that I'll find myself constantly re-watching multiple times a day. This is my reason for being absolutely ecstatic about a sequel:

Lovelies, are you excited about a Pitch Perfect sequel? What was your favorite thing about the first movie?

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