Covering dark circles can be a pretty trick thing; it’s all about finding the right consistencies, using the right eye cream and knowing which color is best for your under eye area. The challenge that most people face when concealing dark circles is having under eye concealer turn chalky or grey, which can tend to look even worse than the dark circles themselves! Luckily, I know a few tricks on how to keep your under eye concealer looking smooth and bright. 

First, make sure you are using a sufficiently hydrating eye cream. The under eye area tends to be dryer than the rest of the skin, so it needs that special attention. My personal favorites are Bobbi Brown’s Extra Repair Eye Cream or Supergoop’s Advanced Anti Aging Eye Cream.

It may seem a bit frivolous, but if chalky under eye concealer is an issue for you, why not give an under eye primer a try? I love Smashbox’s Photo Finish Hydrating Under Eye Primer. It provides extra brightening and hydration which equals long wearing smoothness!

Then, be sure you are using a concealer formulation that is meant to work under the eyes; concealers meant for blemishes or dark spots on the face tend to be drying and won’t do you any favors! The best concealer for hydrating and concealing under the eyes is Dior’s Diorskin Nude Hydrating Concealer. A little goes a long way, so in my opinion it’s worth every penny! You want to make sure to select a shade that is a little lighter than your skin tone so that it’s nice and brightening. Don’t go too light though! This will make your dark circles look ashy and grey.  Press your concealer into your under eye area with a clean finger tip and then dust it lightly with a translucent powder to keep it from settling into any creases. 

Lovelies, what are your favorite under eye products? 

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