As one of the most iconic fashion pieces of the 1960s, Jackie Kennedy’s pink suit was (and still is) a symbol of her outstanding sense of style as the First Lady to the late President John F. Kennedy. Some might see this suit more often as one many have tried to replicate, but no one can upstage the grace and elegance with which Jackie wore it. Whenever someone says “pink suit,” it’s clear what they’re referencing. Decades later, we still talk about it as one of the most infamous fashion pieces in history and are fascinated by some facts we may not have previously known.

Jackie Kennedy wore this double-breasted, strawberry pink and navy trim collared wool suit and matching pillbox hat on November 22, 1963, at the request of her husband who said she looked “ravishing in it.” [via PinkPillBox] That day, however, went down in history as one that shocked the nation when President John F. Kennedy was tragically killed. Images from that day are seared into the memories of those that witnessed the tragedy, but today, the suit is more an example of timeless fashion, especially to today’s young women. Jackie O has been cemented as one of the greatest fashion inspirations of her time, introducing a stylish wardrobe that future First Ladies have tried to emulate. 

1. The pink suit was first created by Coco Chanel for her 1961 autumn/winter collection.

2. Jackie’s suit was actually not created by Chanel, but was instead a high-end “reproduction” by New York fashion salon Chez Ninon.
In an effort to make Jackie seem more patriotic, she was encouraged to keep her shopping trips closer to home by wearing only American-made clothing. To get around this restriction, Jackie had Chanel contribute the fabric, buttons and trim while Chez Ninon assembled it “line for line.”

3. Jackie wore the suit on at least six occasions prior to President Kennedy’s assassination in Dallas.

4. Following the assassination, Jackie refused to take off the blood-stained suit. She would say, “Oh, no… I want them to see what they have done to Jack.” Here, Jackie is shown wearing the suit alongside Lyndon B. Johnson as he was sworn in as the 36th president of the United States.

5. Caroline Kennedy (Jackie’s sole surviving heir) officially deeded the suit to the National Archives in 2003.
A condition of the deed prevents it from being seen by the public until at least 2103.

6. At the time, the majority of the public did not know Jackie’s suit was pink because newspapers didn’t print color and TV news wasn’t yet broadcast in color either. [via Buzzfeed]

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So interesting to learn the history behind the infamous pink suit! Did any of these facts catch you by surprise? 

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