The modeling industry is always a topic of debate or criticism. But recently, Vogue UK has set up new guidelines for the treatment of their models. Not only are these changes shining a more positive light on the industry, but they are going to prove helpful for the models. Will U.S. publications be next in making the industry a better one?


There is no question that people take issue with the wan, emaciated but undeniably pretty models that grace the covers and pages of our favorite glossies. What we don't see are the grueling days that these models put in, sometimes without breaks. We don't see that there is not regulation over or a process of relaying nude or semi-nude shoots before they happen. What we don't realize is that many of these models are around age 16, meaning that some are younger. The industry's decision makers may avert their eyes from very possible eating disorders. This is not merely wrong, but inhumane. Vogue UK aims to change this in their partnership with Equity, a trade union for actors, models and performers. 

Together, the magazine and the trade union have put together a code of conduct that aims to protect models. Included in this agreement is a restriction on the hours a model can work, a call for breaks and that models should not be hired if they appear to have an eating disorder. Even more importantly, this agreement states that models must be aware of nude or semi-nude shoots before signing onto them, especially if models are underage. [via Guardian UK]

I'm so happy to see that these seemingly common sense regulations are being put into place. Maybe this will rub off on American agencies and glossies. Healthier models who are treated with more dignity are what young, impressionable women everywhere need to see. 

What do you think of this agreement, Lovelies? What progress would you like to see in the modeling and fashion industries?

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