I’ve admired Dita since her married-to-Marilyn days (yes I was/am a huge Marilyn Manson fan…I have to admit, I’m still pretty heartbroken over their split) due to her beauty, poise and grace. This woman makes splashing around in a giant martini glass in your birthday suit look just as classy as a proper English tea. 

There’s no questioning that this woman is one of the most experienced beauty gurus in the universe; Dita Von Teese always looks extremely glamorous, and I kind of refuse to believe that she is 40 years old. Did you know that she always does her own hair and makeup? She doesn’t even have a stylist! A true self-made woman!

I am so excited for Dita’s beauty book, Your Beauty Mark: All You Need to Get the Hair, Makeup, Glow and Glam to be released in November of this year so that I can study all of her timeless beauty secrets. In the mean time, you can catch the Queen of Burlesque is answering your beauty questions! 

If you Lovelies weren’t aware, Dita Von Teese is now moonlighting as an advice columnist at xoJane, and I could not be happier about it! Dita is sharing some seriously invaluable beauty advice; let’s recap a few highlights!

On getting ready in a hurry (apparently this glamour goddess can get out the door in under 20 minutes. Major props to that!):

Although it does appear that I have a high maintenance-looking beauty style, over the past 15 years, I’ve managed to figure out ways to get ready quickly when I need to.

I believe that the keys to maintaining glamour and not being late for things is to is prioritize, focus, and practice. Having a beauty regime in place helps with the time factor.

When I have very little time, I stick to the basics that I have decided are important to me. For instance, before leaving the house in the morning for my Pilates class, I will bounce out of bed, brush my teeth, splash my face with water, apply a light moisturizer with SPF, and then a sweep of mattifying powder…The next thing I do is put my hair in a neat twist or chignon, which I can do very quickly. I advise every woman to learn and practice a chic, simple updo that you can do anytime, anyplace. I can do it without even looking in a mirror!.

Next I put on a matte red lipstick, because red lips top my personal list of “Things I will NOT leave the house without.” Then I put on a pair of sunglasses and I’m out the door in mere minutes, because I also have a “uniform” for my workout-wear: a simple black fitted tee, black capri pants, ballet flats and a coat if it’s chilly.

I also have clocks everywhere, especially at my vanity. It’s really rude to consistently keep people waiting, and if you show up late with a glamorous look, it can be especially annoying to people because no matter what it is that made you late, they’re likely to think it was your primping that did it, and we don’t need to be giving glamour a bad rap, do we?

Hmm, maybe I should consider getting that glammed for pilates. I’m sure it sounds stupid to some, but I think it’s totally fabulous!

On her famed cat eyeliner: 

…try MAC’s Blacktrack gel liner with a fine brush. I prefer gel liners to liquids usually, but I keep various liquid liners around too. I also like Guerlain’s glamorous gilded liquid eyeliner wand. The only thing I do not like for drawing cat-eyeliner is a felt tipped liner pen or pencil, but that’s just me, because i like the smoothness of a gel or liquid, and I’ve been using a fine-tipped brush for the 20+ years I’ve been wearing my eyeliner the same exact way.

I’m a creature of habit, and like I said, I think the key to getting a fabulous makeup look is practice, and I don’t like to change what I’ve perfected. I do find that when I don’t wear eyeliner for a while, like when on holiday, or if I’m at home sick, I can’t do it as well or as quickly, even though I’ve been doing it for so many years. So practice, practice, practice!

And her number one skincare tip? 

Don’t smoke.

We already know it’s unhealthy, but smoking cigarettes is also the fast track to aging and wrinkles. I know several young women that are already really regretting those lines they have around their mouths. [Myself included. Sad face.] Don’t smoke.

[via xoJane]

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