Every summer, I tell myself that I'm going to take a short little road trip with my boyfriend and/or friends, but it just never happens.
 I did end up going on an impromptu road trip with my best friend to New Mexico a few years ago, and we had a blast. I've also toured with my old band, but sticking to a day-to-day schedule on tour involves way more driving and not  enough new city exploring. I'm really wanting to do the same thing this summer, and I've even compiled a list of possible destinations, along with great resources for fun and unique experiences. I'm a big believer in living like a local whenever I'm in a new place, so I've got to know about all of the "secret" spots and whatnot. Check out my hopeful destination spots after the cut!

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
My best friend currently lives here, so I come to OKC every chance that I can get. I love the unique shops (Shop Good sells wonderfully-designed graphic tees like the one above!), great food and the town definitely has a certain something. The mister and I are actually considering moving here in the next few years. 

Austin, Texas
Austin is actually only a few hours from the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and I've been here many many times... but it's always fun (and pretty cheap!) to take a quick Austin road trip. I must confess though, many times we end up going, it's for my boyfriend's shows... so we're always a little rushed and never have time to go and do the things we'd like to do. (I'm actually spending my birthday weekend there... so send some good recommendations my way!)

Portland, Oregon
My boyfriend has been to Portland a few times, but I have yet to go. It really seems like such a cool place... I'm just going to make an impromptu road trip there one of these days. Some places I definitely want to visit while I'm there include Voodoo Doughnuts, Noun, the many many food trucks and the Japanese gardens. There's a super detailed Portland city guide here if you're planning on a trip to PDX anytime soon!

Seattle, Washington
I've wanted to visit Seattle since I was in junior high. I don't know about you, but I want to drink a Dry Soda, munch on some pizza at Delancy and get caught up in the Seattle rain. Also, visiting Seattle would also mean spending some time in Portland, as well. Double score!

Los Angeles, California
I believe that everyone should road trip to Los Angeles at some point in their life. It just seems like some kind of road trip rite of passage, right? 

Be sure and check out the gallery for some more fun destinations, as well as a couple of past road trip pictures!

Are you planning on taking a road trip this summer, Lovelies? What are your top destinations?

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