From makeup experts to makeup novices, everyone can agree that lip balms are a must-have. They keep those lips looking hydrated and smooth, and it's a major plus if they smell nice, right? The Lovelyish team recently got together and compiled our list of lip-balm must-haves. Which one is your favorite? Check it out after the jump! 

Eugenia: I've been a huge fan of Smith's Rosebud Salve since high school when I randomly picked up a tin from a local beauty store. I use it everyday for my dry lips but also will whip it out and apply to rough elbows, cuticles and even my baby's cheeks when it's super windy outside (even my husband loves the salve!). I love that the it's a multipurpose product and that one tin lasts so long! I love the classic Rosebud Salve in the tin but also use the tube version and the Strawberry Lip Balm tin as well.

: I stumbled across this product when it miraculously appeared in my Glossybox one month. It's labeled "moisturizing skin cream," so I considered it a godsend because I had a terrible cold at the time and was in some desperate need of something to heal my chapped nose and lips. Yu-Be healed my skin so fast my mind was blown. It's non-smelly, non-greasy and absorbs quickly. It is now not only my official favorite lip balm, but it's hands down my favorite multi-tasker. It can be a little pricey, but if I splurged on only one product for the rest of my life, this would be it.
Allison: Confession: My favorite lip balm hasn't changed since I was in Junior High. Sure, I've tried tons of different kinds, but I always end up going back to the same ol' Lip Smackers. It's petroleum jelly-based, and has just a bit of scent and flavor to it. When my lips are chapped, I drink a tall glass of water (chapped lips usually mean I'm dehydrated) and just use a bit of this and it makes them so much smoother. This summer, I'll definitely be using watermelon and lemonade-flavored balms. They're the perfect summer scents.Kayonne: I’ve tried a series of different lip balms for my ridiculously dry lips. I still don’t understand how my skin can be so oily and my lips so dry. I mean what gives? But anyway I used to stick to good ‘ole fashion petroleum jelly until I discovered EOS Smooth Sphere Organic Lip Balm, Honeysuckle Honeydew. I love this lip balm it moisturizes, it smells great and it’s so fun to apply. Sometimes I feel like I’m making out with it.

Christine: Kind of boring, I know, but I am obsessive about my Burt's Bees. I used to use a Too Faced balm that they discontinued, but it really bothered me that I had to stick my finger in it to apply. I hate being sticky! I love it, since it lets my natural color shine through, isn't shiny, and my hair doesn't stick to it (most annoying thing ever!) I usually buy a four-pack because I use it so often. Like, crazy-person often.

Justina: Back when I was in high school, I thought it was hilarious whenever my best friend would pull out a jar of Vaseline from her backpack and then proceed to spread the petroleum jelly on her lips. One day, after a particularly windy day when my lips became seriously chapped, I tried my best friend's favorite form of lip therapy and lo and behold, my lips felt a ton better! I recommend applying Vaseline with a cotton swab so that your fingers won't be coated with the sticky stuff (it's sometimes a pain to wash off). If you're looking for a cheap, fast way to moisturize and protect your lips, Vaseline is your product!

Sarah: You know what lip balm I'm talking about. If you hit up a Sephora enough you get this and the plain lip balm as a dual-pack for being a loyal customer (at $70 bucks a visit, I better get some nice swag is all I'm saying). Fortunately, I actually ended up really liking Sugar's Rosé moisturizing lip balm. It's so smooth with the perfect amount of romantic tint of colour for my lips, plus it gives my lips a great plumping. Subtle, but flirty. Bonus points? It's made without any parabens, sulfates or synthetic dyes and it's got SPF 15 integrated into it. Not that I have to worry about too much sun in Rainy City, but it's always a nice touch.
Jessica: For me personally, you can't go wrong with a classic. I've tried ChapStick's other flavors like Vanilla and Cherry but Strawberry is my favorite. I love it because it slides onto my lips smoothly and gives me just a hint of a pink tint. I also love that the flavor is a pleasant one so that I don't feel like I'm slathering on cough syrup every time I reach for my lip balm! The SPF 4 is also super handy to have on summer days to keep your lips protected!

Katya: I've tried a good half a million lipbalms since I first became obsessed with keeping my lips silky smooth and kissable back in high school, but my all time favourite has got to be the Blistex Lip Medex. It's even replaced my old favourite Carmex! I slather a thick layer onto my lips every night without fail and always wake up with lips that look like they've never felt harsh winter winds in their life. Forgetting this nightly ritual for even one night results in lips that are too flaky for any of my daytime lip balms to fix!

Elise: Like Eugenia, I'm a huge fan of Smith's Rosebud Salve. But, I've recently found a new favorite in Nivea Lip Butters. These creamy balms come in flavors like original, raspberry rosé kiss, caramel cream and my favorite, vanilla & macadamia kiss. This lip balm has some serious staying power... it lasts all day. I apply it again at night to make sure my pout stays moisturized. It also works well over lipsticks and stains that can be drying. They also all smell fantastic!

Annie: Like I mentioned in my Things I'm Loving Thursday post, I cannot get enough of my S.W. Basics Cocoa Lip Balm. This lip balm tastes delicious, feels silky smooth and is 100% natural. In fact, it's made with only three ingredients: cocoa butter, coconut oil and candelilla wax. You could literally eat it if you wanted to. Another reason I love this lip balm is because S.W. Basics products are manufactured here in Brooklyn, and I love having another way to rep my city!
Rachel: I'm somewhat of a lip balm addict. While I've never been that picky when it comes to the stuff, I have to remember to at least shove some in my pocket before leaving the house. Usually I opt for the least expensive options — being a college girl on a budget and all — so I usually turn to things like Vaseline, Vaseline Lip Therapy or ChapStick. However, like Jessica, I'm a pretty loyal ChapStick fan and I have to say, one of my favorites is ChapStick True Shimmer in Botanical Berry. It does the job of a regular lip balm but adds a sparkly touch!

Lovelies, do any of these lip balms and chapsticks make your favorite list? What's your favorite lip balm?

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