About a year ago I decided to make the switch to healthier living. Working out, eating better, properly portioning and, of course, drinking tons of water. Thankfully, my apartment has an exercise room built into it so I've managed to avoid the fiasco that is the public gym and working out in public. Regardless, I found this video that took typical gender stereotypes that you see at the gym — but flipped — pretty funny and enlightening for a private, and not public, gym rat.

Included stereotypes are buff "guys" building muscle with 5000 calories a day, "girls" bouncing on exercise balls and debating fro yo with hot fudge on top, "girls" lifting a five pound weight while getting assisted by a "male" trainer (insert borderline sexual harassment here) and "guys" flexing in the mirror while their "female" counterparts check out what their rear-ends look like while doing some bicep curls.

Lovelies, do you ever see these stereotypes at the gym?

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