Living in Texas, summer always seems to arrive way before it's "officially" time. Two weeks ago, I was wearing tights and a coat, and today we ate Popsicles on our front porch. While some people tend to get a little blue when it's cold outside, I'm actually the opposite. The summers in Texas are pretty brutal. It's insanely humid and you can't walk outside without immediately feeling like you need to take a shower again. It makes those trips to the ballpark pretty unbearable, but hey, it's part of the game, so I can deal. Truthfully, the only redeeming thing about summer is wearing cut-offs and spending tons of time at the pool. Oh, and Popsicles. (How cool is this ice pop above?!) So if you're like me, and you just can't wait for warmer weather to officially arrive, here are some Popsicle recipes that you can munch on indoors... or outdoors if your weather is as unpredicable as it is here in the DFW-area. 

How about these watermelon mojito Popsicles? These would be perfect for a patio brunch outside.

And since no brunch is really complete without a mimosa, why not skip the orange juice and add a Popsicle instead?

How beautiful are these striped ice pops? They're almost too pretty to eat:

These sunshine pops just scream 'summer', don't you think?

Be sure and check out the gallery for more yummy ice pop recipes!

Do you like to eat Popsicles when it starts to get warm outside, Lovelies? Have you ever tried to make your own?

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