The rain always catches me off guard, and when it does, I’m always wearing a pair of flats. Ugh. I figure that it’s time for me to invest in a pair of rain boots, but to be honest, I didn’t really have any good ideas of how to wear them without looking silly. It turns out that there are lots of ways to wear rain boots without looking like a little kid, and now I can’t wait to buy my first pair of Hunters! Now if I can only decide on a color… 

Don’t be afraid to show a little skin. If the weather allows it (like these warm spring showers that I’ve been experiencing in Texas), wear a dress and then throw on your rain boots! If it’s a little windy, wear a trench that’s just a bit longer than your dress to balance it out.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with some color! Rain boots come in a ton of different colors, so get a little creative and brighten that cloudy day with a pair of pink or baby blue rain boots! (I’ve been seeing mint everywhere for spring.)

Don’t be afraid to dress up a little! If you have a job interview/important meeting and you’re out trekking in the rain, pack your heels in your purse and rock those Wellies! 

Go neutral with your rain boots. Picking out a neutral color can allow you to mix a bit of color into the rest of your outfit, like the colorful scarf above. [via Glitter Guide]

Be sure and check out the original source for more rain boot styling tips, and check out the gallery for some of my favorite rainy day-appropriate outfits!

Do you wear rain boots, Lovelies? How do you style them?

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