I visit Tracee Ellis Ross' website frequently. I think she’s amazing! She has a inspiration tab on her site and when you click on it, underneath the inspiration headline it says, 'Things that make the heart sing; make you wanna do, be, and shine!' So I began to think of things that make my heart sing. The most basic things that give me joy. So I started to make a list, it’s in no particular order...

Ice cream- Last week during my break at work I bought lunch and stopped by a drug store and picked up a little bucket of snickers flavored ice cream! It was so good! I couldn’t get enough. It instantly calmed and relaxed me. I adore moments like those!

A good book- I love to read! I know a lot of people say that so it’s a little cliché but I really do. It's nice to get lost in a book, a good author allows you to live vicariously through the character of whatever book you’re reading. I like to take a vacation from my own reality sometimes and step into the life of another. I guess that’s what reality television does for some people is what books do to me. The book that I’m currently reading is, Know What I Mean? Reflections on Hip-Hop by Dr. Michael Eric Dyson. Dyson is sociology professor and is said to be hip-hop intellect. So the book is compiled of interviews and speeches he has given on different topics of hip-hop. I just started reading we’ll see how it goes.

Lipstick- I just love lipstick! I don’t wear heavy make-up and I hardly ever wear eye shadow so a pop of lipstick always helps to pep me up. It makes me feel glam and fabulous! I have two favorites:

MAC Lovelorn Lipstick ($15)

MAC Rebel Lipstick ($15)

Sleep- I know everyone needs sleep that’s a given. But a lot of my friends don’t sleep much. They believe sleep is a cousin to death, so they get very little of it. They prefer to stay up and hang out. Me? Well, I’m of a different breed. After a 20-minute nap I’m refreshed and rejuvenated. It’s nice to take a break during a chaotic day.

Tea- Oh tea, how I love you so! I’ve been drinking tea since I’ve been old enough to talk. Drinking tea is a morning ritual; I can’t leave the house without a cup of it. I even drink tea during the hot summer months. I can’t get enough; I sometimes drink more than two cups a day. It puts me at ease and I’m in a state of euphoria. My childhood favorite is Celestial Seasonings Lemon Zinger.

So Lovelies what are some things that make your heart sing? Share!

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