I remember being being in fifth or sixth grade and seeing skirts over pants everywhere. It was the trendiest thing then and everywhere I looked, I saw the cool older girls wearing them. This look is coming back and I'm not so sure if I'm for it this time around. But fashionistas everywhere are giving this look a shot. Would you try it?

There's no one who could pull off this look better than the Man Repeller, Leandra Medine. A straight skirt, flair leg and a slouchy sweater give this concept a trendier feel than what we might remember (which is lots of baggy, shapeless layering). Adding a pop of color with the skirt and hat make this look interesting as well. 

Everything about this looks warm and cozy (OK, so maybe no the sequin pants). The gray dress and sweater are fitted making the slightly loose pants a nice, sparkly contrast. 

With black and white being hot for spring and revival of the skirt over pants concept, this might be your perfect pair of perfect pairs. This is a look from the Céline resort collection. I'm really loving the edginess of this outfit and the leather band on the skirt. 

Click through the gallery for more skirt/dress over pants action. I'm still not totally sold, but some of these looks are well thought out.

Would you wear a skirt or dress over pants, Lovelies? What do you think of these looks?

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