Among the who’s who of wedding gown designers one stands out among them all for many wedding enthusiasts: Vera Wang. Some girls would give anything to be able to wear a Vera creation on their wedding day. To deal with this demand (and the threat of copy-cats) Vera has imposed a somewhat ridiculous fee to just try on a dress at her new boutique in Shanghai. 

I’ll be honest, I can’t help but think of the movie Bride Wars in which Kate Hudson’s character’s Vera Wang wedding gown becomes a major point of contention in her “war” with Anne Hathaway’s character. I think it’s crazy how accurate that image is. Girls do crazy things to get the gown of their choice. No one wants to admit it, but if another girl has the dress that someone wants, there is some major jealousy going on. 

If you’ve got a big enough budget, you too can wear a wedding dress designed by a woman who designs wedding dresses for celebrities. In a China boutique, to even try on a dress, a bride must shell out the equivalent of $500. In addition, brides may not spend more than 90 minutes trying a dress on and taking photos in a big no-no. Vera’s reps claim that this fee is imposed to weed out those who are not serious about paying Vera’s high price tag as well as prevent frauds from copying Vera’s designs. The best bootleggers only need to see the dress and feel the material to make an almost identical copy at a much lower quality and cost, which, as you can imagine, is great for brides with a smaller budget.

After the fee drew international attention and caused a pretty big uproar, on Wednesday, March 27, a Vera Wang spokeswoman announced that Vera has scrapped this fee at her Shanghai store without much more elaboration. Great news for brides with big wedding gown dreams in Shanghai — and potentially in other places throughout the world where this fee is prevalent. Perhaps this move will stand as a precedent. [via NBC News]

Would you pay a fee to try on a wedding gown, Lovelies?

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