I am a huge fan of Marvel movies. From The Avengers to Ironman to Thor, I've seen quite a few of them. But one series I haven't touched until now is the x-Men franchise. But after watching the first movie in the series, I have to say, how could all of you let live my life without having seen these movies?!

I'd always meant to watch the x-Men series — hello, Ian McKellen! — but I'd simply never gotten around to it. Then, after the Hunger Games came out and I — along with everyone else — fell in love with Jennifer Lawrence I was once again all pumped to see the movies... and then exams happened and my movie watching desires were buried under pages upon pages of essays and biology labs.

And then Les Miserables came out this past Christmas and I finally understood what everyone saw in Hugh Jackman. The man can sing and act and he's Australian?! Sign me up! But of course, since I have the the memory span of a not so awfully bright goldfish, I forgot all about it until I came across the new Wolverine trailer! [via Buzzfeed]

Between this and Ironman 3 I love how Marvel is taking a slightly darker turn with their movies. While I'm not 100% sure about the way that will turn out in Ironman 3 — Robert Downey Jr. does funny and sarcastic so well! — I'm incredibly excited to see how it turns out in Wolverine.

And while McKellen won't be making an appearance in this movie, we'll be seeing him in 2014's X-Men: Days of Future Past and there's rumours that if Wolverine does well, we might be getting a Magneto film! Now how awesome would that be?!

Are you as excited for Wolverine as I am, Lovelies?

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