It's safe to say that Allison Williams, who plays Marnie on HBO's super successful Girls, is a mega babe, so it's kind of refreshing to hear that even she has beauty regrets. It's okay to make beauty mistakes, as long as you learn from them!

Recently, Ms. Williams sat down with T Magazine and shared her biggest beauty regret:

At some point in high school, I realized people used eyebrow pencils, but I thought eyeliner could do same thing. I used black eyeliner to do my brows. It looked awful.

[via T Magazine]

Too funny! At least it was nothing permanent.

I have to admit, my biggest beauty regret is smoking cigarettes. That's right, lovelies, I had a pretty nasty habit of puffing on cancer sticks for nearly ten years. TEN YEARS! Gross! Granted, I was more of a social smoker than a pack a day kind of girl, I can still see a huge difference in my skin because of it. My sister, who is four years older and never smoked a cigarette in her life, looks about 10 years younger than me. D'oh!

Lovelies, what is your biggest beauty regret?

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