Looking for a fun, quirky and interesting way to change up what you already own? A great way to do this is by painting pieces in your house ombre. Whether it is your banister, shelves, drawers or possibly even a wall. Simply pick out a color scheme you like and paint away!

One fun way to go about this is through upcycling. For instance, I keep all of my left over jars from peanut butter, honey and whatnot. I use them to as containers for grains, leftovers and drinks. After a while though, I end up having a cabinet overflowing with jars. A really cute idea is to paint them and use them as vases around the house.

Painting the switch plates in a home is a really simple way to add a hint of creativity to the atmosphere. This looks especially great in homes with white or cream walls. Why can't everything be art?

Lovelies, would y'all consider doing this to any of the items in your home?

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