I shed bobby pins much the same way a Golden Retriever sheds fur. I don't mean to and I'll make a puppy dog face when confronted about it, but there's just no stopping me. Fortunately, someone far more resourceful than me found a ton of awesome things you can do with bobby pins. And all of them are far, far more useful than using them as my own personal version of Hansel and Gretel's breadcrumbs!

I don't know about you guys, but I would absolutely love to have the above ornament in my apartment! It's cool and quirky without being obnoxiously over-sized and unlike a potted plant or something, I can't kill it. Because true story, my friend and I bought a miniature cactus together and she's keeping it at her place because we both know I'd kill it. I'd manage to kill a cactus, the least high maintenance plant ever.

I absolutely love the look of nail art, but since I have no artistic talent I always thought I would have to either spring for a manicure or admire from afar. But if I can use bobby pins to create nail art that's this gorgeous, you may never see me with plain nails ever again! The directions for this one seem pretty easy, so maybe I'll give it a try this week and report back!

As a huge fan of both the Hunger Games and Jennifer Lawrence, I love this Katniss-inspired hair clip! The DIY seems fairly straightforward and I love that it's simple enough for day to day! You could also try making it in a different neutral colour or bright neons or pastels! [via Buzzfeed]

What cool things do you do with bobby pins, Lovelies? Make sure to check out the gallery down bellow for more bobby pin DIYs!

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