The YouTube beauty community has exploded in popularity as of late, with dozens of girls creating new accounts each day and hundreds more scouring the expansive collection of tutorials. From skincare to makeup to hair, there’s a beauty tutorial out there for you. Girls flock to YouTube to get answers to their most burning beauty questions, watching their favorite gurus show their personal tips and tricks.

I’ve come to be a loyal follower of just a handful of gurus who earn that title – more than just showing you how they apply their makeup, they truly know their stuff. Whether you’re just getting into the YouTube scene or are looking for new beauty inspiration, these are my personal favorites to watch.

1. Kandee Johnson
Inspiring, funny and caring are just a few words to describe Kandee Johnson. She’s not your typical beauty guru; Kandee has four children, making her a motherly sort of figure on YouTube, extending love to her subscribers in each video. A trained makeup artist, Kandee can show you tips from the best application techniques to at-home skincare regimens and even DIY fashion. Her makeup tips made her famous on YouTube, but her positive and cheerful personality is what keeps her subscribers coming back for more. To check out Kandee’s videos, visit her channel here.

2. Emily Noel
Going by the username emilynoel83, this former news broadcaster turned beauty guru is the most resourceful and informative when it comes to giving honest and in-depth product reviews. Emily makes it her mission to try products from all brands, delivering her opinion of what works best, whether it’s from a high-end or drugstore brand. Her career in news broadcasting makes her a descriptive and eloquent speaker, which is especially important for girls seeking information on a certain makeup product. Emily just reached her 800th video mark and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon!

3. Wayne Goss
It’s not common to see many male beauty gurus but Wayne has earned his place in the YouTube beauty sphere. An international makeup artist, he can show you makeup application techniques that only a true pro would know. What sets him apart is his frank, honest opinions about everything – and believe me, he covers everything there is to do with beauty! Unafraid to bust previously-held makeup myths and genuine in every product review, Wayne tells it like it is. To see what Wayne’s all about, check out his YouTube channel.

4. Pixiwoo
Professional makeup artists and sisters Nicola and Sam form the masterful makeup duo known as Pixiwoo. Each sister takes turns posting tutorials on YouTube and are most famous for their celebrity-inspired looks. They bring what they know to girls at home and that doesn’t stop just with their videos. Sam has created her own line of affordable makeup brushes, Real Techniques, that they use in their videos to help you re-create each look, talking through it step-by-step and making it easy to follow. With their knowledge of the industry and witty UK humor, these ladies are truly delightful to watch.


Who are some of your favorite YouTube beauty gurus to watch?

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