Sometimes, an outfit comes along that perfectly embodies a current trend and pulls it off not just flawlessly, but indivualistically by way of spinning a trend, making it your own and flawlessly integrating it into your personal style. Other times, an outfit captures several trends at once and falls flat on its face and is written off as trying too hard or as overly trendy. Spotted entering her New York City hotel in Soho following a brief promotional tour for her book The Honest Life (actress-turned-mommy-turned-novelist oh my!) Jessica Alba manages a near-impossible feat of combining several trends at once and looking wonderfully put-together while doing so.

Recently I went over a few prominent spring trends and my personal take on them and right now I'm loving Jessica's take on the black and white, white shoe, leather and floral spring trends all sewed up in this seamless (I think I'm making it my personal mission to make at least one pun per post — check my alliteration) ensemble. Why the trend-juggling here works is because Jessica is working from a simple but fresh colour palette: black, white and a little bit of pale robin eggshell blue. Had she decided to mix colours as well as trends, I think she would have run into more problems. But the ensemble works here because she keeps the pieces pulled together with a mutual colour selection. But more than just being a clean colour palette, it's also one that's integrated throughout her outfit and is placed in such a manner that it makes you look first at the entire ensemble as a whole but then actually brings your eye to sweep across and appreciate every piece of the outfit as individual items — truly the pinnacle of fashion advertising. Even while casually walking on the streets of Soho.

Here, her Michael Kors Pre-Fall 2013 blazer (photo same designer, different blazer) — complete with leather sleeves — plays off on the black detailing of her Roger Vivier’s Prismick Zig Zag shoulder bag with a to-die-for chain accent. Also, I gotta say, I think I've been suffering from some kind of craving hormone because every time I catch sight of a bag with a chain strap I just want to yank it from the clutches of the beautiful person holding it (see: my reaction to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's Chloé bag). But back to the outfit. Both the blazer and bag — that I am still pathetically reaching for through my screen — perfectly offset the black underlay of her floral printed pants. Much like designing a layout for a magazine or the design of a website, here she's using colour as a way of sweeping the viewers' eye all the way through her outfit from top to bottom. The black makes you jump from blazer to bag to pants. The light blue hue of the pants spring you back up to its colour-complementing top until you reach the white-accented collar which trickles you back down to the bi-coloured bag before finishing off with her on-trend white Christian Louboutin ‘Pigalle Plato’ pumps. It's colour mastery at its finest.

My only complaint is that I wish that blouse had been a little tighter since the boxy structure of her jacket already provides a stiff, exaggerated framework away from her petite body. I also wouldn't have minded if she'd opted for her hair to be in a high ponytail or bun to keep her face and the barely-there makeup she opted for as downplayed as possible. But I'm glad she did do something with her hair and swept it off to one side. If not just for aesthetic reasons to keep the balancing trends of the outfit the focal point but also to show off the complementary aqua earrings she accessorized with. I also want to quickly commend Jessica for a look that's not just trendy but also trans-seasonal. Because even though she's checking her spring trend tick-box somewhere on her Window's phone, the heavy leather and dark purse here could totally lend itself to the colder months at the back end of the year. Here, however, they look wonderfully spring 2013 fashion inspired.

Lovelies, what do you think of Jessica's trend-balancing act? Will you try spring trend juggling this season?

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