It's finally starting to thaw here in the mitten (Michigan)! There is nothing I'm more excited for than warmer weather... except maybe being able to wear flats instead of boots. I've really adored my boot collection this winter and it has served me well, but it's time to bring out the flats! 

1. Vince Camuto Ellen Flats
I love these flats more than any other pair I own. I actually just purchased a new pair the other day because I wore the old pair to death. Like many pairs of flats, these need some breaking in. That being said, they're quite comfortable, even on the first wear. The nude color is perfect because they go with nearly everything. I also have an obsession with nude shoes, so there's always that, too.

2. Tory Burch Reva Flats
As overplayed/overworn as these may be, I love them. I had a pair in my final days of Catholic school and every time I wear them I remember how adorable they look with knee-highs and a plaid skirt. They were (and are) comfortable, didn't need any breaking in and will always have a place in my heart.

3. J. Crew Cece Flats
A burst of color is always welcome in an outfit, especially with a new season. This punchy pink pair of flats from J. Crew gives me my color fix and a tiny bit of height from the concealed wedge. If pink isn't your thing, these come in 10 other colors, some neutral, some neon bright.

4. Cap Toe Flats
Cap-toe shoes are something I've never gotten over. They're sweet and chic and can add just the right amount of color to an outfit. I think these flats are super adorable with metallic cap-toes.

5. Steve Madden Smoking Slippers
I was introduced to the smoking slipper last summer/fall. I adore them. They look a bit different than ballet flats without giving up the comfortable fit. I especially like the variety of prints they come in. Every designer has a slightly different take on them, whether its adding hardware or the actual shape of the shoe. These have become a necessity in my shoe wardrobe.

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What are your go-to flats, Lovelies? Any recommendations for a perfect pair?

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