After revisiting my love for The Wedding Singer last night, I've been enjoying my favorite tunes from the '80s all day. One of the best things about the movie (besides Robbie and Julia's love story!) is definitely the hair. Oh my, the hair. From Robbie's mad volume to George's luscious locks, '80s hair was pretty rad. So I was pretty tickled to find this taxonomy of '80s rockstar hair. Check it out after the cut! 

I love the hair gel rating... for the 80s, it's pretty imperative, right?

Oh Boy George... watching George do his thing on The Wedding Singer last night definitely brought back some memories. I definitely would have done my hair like this in the '80s; I'm not even going to lie about that one. [via Rookie]

Check out more 80s hair in the gallery!

Which one is your favorite, Lovelies? Who is your favorite 80s artist?

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